India: Has Narendra Modi lived up to expectations? BBC News

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BBC News visited a few tea stalls around Mumbai and asked ordinary Indians to rate Mr Modi's first year in office.

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What’s up with the soundtrack ?😂

I’m Indian and I find it weird

I bet most Indians do...

Author — Rei Kun


I hate how bbc shows india,

Yes there are a lot of poor people but how you have shown here

Godawful music, numbers on teacups, you call this journalism? Lol a kid with a smartphone may do better journalism

Author — amit krishnani


BBC there u go again ! Painting a wrong pic . Poking your nose into foreign countries' affairs and trying to distort truth 😹😹😹

Author — bhuvana mani


Why BBC is so keen about India elections first you handle Brexit

Author — Jonathan Andrade


What is the liquid that they're drinking?

Author — Markvincent Bonachita


For banishing the Congress party which is a family fiefdom, I give this govt 10/10

Author — Katie Sethna


he only created huge expectations during the elections but till date i wonder what he did ?!😂

Author — Somi Rishabh


I never seen such tea stall in my whole in India
I'm amazed that where BBC arrange props and such dirty tea stall
I'm Indian and as a Indian, I would give 10/10
BBC media=bakwas behuda chootiya media

Author — follower of truth


Ok so can BBC publish anything good from India?

Author — Chinmay Muzumdar


In would give 4 plans were right but implemented very wrongly

Author — Brahmjot Khanna


The first lady doesn't know anything. Prices of everything is down whether it is property or grains. Look at the inflation rate.

Author — Manav jain


Why did the numbers shown on tea
Any guess????

Because we have elected our PM a chaiwaala.

Author — muneera baig


One of the more smartest politicians in the world. God bless you.

Author — Scorpion