Introduction to Investment Banking

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Introduction to Investment Banking is a compilation of videos that are part of our Complete Investment Banking Course on Udemy:

The #1 Course to Land a Job in Investment Banking. IPOs, Bonds, M&A, Trading, LBOs, Valuation: Everything is included!

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Is there a difference between assets management and financial planning?

Author — Christopher Mark


if there is one takeaway from this vid it's: Governments are just another customer of the bank. Always been so.

Author — Ronin


Professional guidance brings about remunerative results. Great job Payden, you exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

Author — Liu Zhejiang


Wow the scammers are really out in force, in the past week the last 2 post got the people to comment to them with quotes on the same day.

Investment banker is a hard life, expect little time with family and actual friends, if you are single and early 20s go for it, the pay is great which I will not complain.

Don’t believe people who promises you return in the double or triple digits, all are frauds, but it is possible and is not something people will share with you, you will need to figure out how it can be achieved yourself, will be stocks, good luck to all who are chasing this elusive goal.

Author — SethJr


Thanks a lot! history, Name, tradition & Reputation(assets)

Author — Mr.jakir hosen Ronny Ronny


Please reduce the volume of the typewriting sections! 😣

Author — Manufaturing GmbH Mus


“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”-Albert Einstein
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Author — Home Business University


First bank started in italy from the italian word banke which means bench since the first bank in the world was made for changing currancy between the european different coins of the time

Author — Lior Skudowitz


yes! this is how you control the world! hurrah!

Author — matt_middleton crude_artless


$600K a year even for janitor in Investment Bank.

Author — Mitt Obama


The bank of Sienna Italy was the first

Author — John Desiderio


Hi, so i didn't hear about how they make their money... or maybe i missed it? do they charge commissions for selling those securities to investors?

Author — 90sGamer


Indeed it is true what they say “ Most financial experts and advisors considers the foreign market to be a healthy addition to an investor’s portfolio” I have to say, it has been a great experience trading with an expert like charles allen. I have the perfect outcome on my trades.

Author — Bernard Rodrigo


You got a new subscriber. Thank you for the vary informative video.

Author — Bob Boberson


I got into Cornell University and am pursuing a degree in finance. I want to become an investment banker for the money and fast paced lifestyle, I believe after 5 years I will be making over 300k a year plus bonuses which would about double my income, and if that is correct, I don’t see why anyone would pursue any other business field. I’ll be back at this comment in two years and four years to update if anyone at all would care.

Author — Soccergamerdude


Americans can't forget his/her past impacts leaders..on their peoples' life& economy..they kept on mentioning their good work done in the past ages as it still effect them till this present day, date..pals camera(usa)jones.

Author — Aseruoma Paul Ufuoma.


How to become Investment Bankers .. Career 365 provide any course on



Does Investment banker gets benefits and 401k plan, and Roth IRA?

Author — Jessica Gentry


Well, now that Goldman Sachs is accepting deposits through Marcus, you need to update this video lol.

Author — Henry R


Before these investment bank, there were the Genoese investment bank that have made investment for the Spanish crown during the discovery of the Americas. Next time put this info because American didn't invent investment bank, but Italians did.

Author — Claudio Di Bernardino