U23 Polish Athletics Outdoor | 2018 Highlights | Girls of Poland | ᴴᴰ

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Long Jump, High Jump, Running and moments between races.
High Jump results:
🥇 Paulina BORYS - 1.86m
🥈 Aleksandra NOWAKOWSKA - 1.82m
🥉 Paulina LIGARSKA
- 1.76m

High Jump results:
🥇 Magdalena ŻEBROWSKA - 6.13m
🥈 Adrianna SZÓSTAK - 6.05m
🥉 Karolina MŁODAWSKA
- 6.03m

Video recorded from European Indoor U23 Polish Athletics 2018, original audio from the competition.

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who's getting this recommendation after watching video of Women's pole vault ? 🤣😂

Author — blacksmith jr


I'll have Two number 9s a number 9 large, a number 6 with extra dip a number 7, two number 45s...

Author — GamersName


Definitely Eastern Europe girls are the best.

Author — Raulvz


We have women like that in Chicago. The only problem is they weigh as much as four of the Polish babes.

Author — D Vin


Director: "We should make them run in their underwear" Everyone: yes.

Author — Pi


3:41 hahah those men are like lions seeing sheeps

Author — Jhayson B. Espinoza


8:37 is very relevant to the sport, camera man.

Author — Christian Olsen


let's appreciate the excellent one-handed job done by the camera men.. a skill only a gifted few can master

Author — johncookiedoee


Not sure why this was suddenly recommended to me, and I'm not complaining about it. Science!

Author — Steve in Atlanta


initial reaction: "how dare youtube recommend this to me." five minutes later: "here for research."

Author — Raffi Tchakmakjian


I grew up hearing Polish jokes, then I discovered they are wonderful intelligent people and the women are gorgeous.

Author — ebaylistentomusic


*Youtube during No Nut November:* Yeah let's recommend this video

Author — DarthInvaderZim


Aah yes, we meet again...
Anyone else get recommended this after the long jump and pole vault vids?

Author — Henry Piskie


YouTube Algorithm: You seem to be depressed
Recommends Polish Girls Athletics

Author — Erick D


1:55 this camera man must be about 18yrs old with that little of control!

Author — Kevin Brown


Question: Men everywhere want to known how you beautiful women got to be so fast?
Answer: Have you seen the Eastern European men.😃😄😂😅

Author — Matte Syl


It's my goal to see Poland before I die. Love the direction that country is taking.

Author — Eric Downs


Literally beauty in motion, absolutely gorgeous.

Author — Shinod


6:13 After watching this video I have decided I am living on the wrong part of the planet

Author — ne0nZchr0me


YouTube keeps recommending these videos, and I keep watching them.

Author — Link Morris