Ocasio-Cortez destroys Republicans with her BEST speech yet

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BREAKING: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just destroyed Republicans with a BRILLIANT argument for the Green New Deal. Turn your speakers up and watch until the end— this is incredible...

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i feel like this would be a scene in a movie where we live in a post apocalyptic world and it shows flashbacks of when things could’ve been prevented

Author — seok on this


I see she is starting to have alot of haters, that smells like success

Author — Elmer Sully


I feel oddly patriotic for America whenever I see Sanders or AOC speak, and i ain't even american

Author — Asma Haque


People don’t like AOC.
Here’s why:
She doesn’t take any crap
She gets shit done
She actually does her job

Author — Presidentialnurse2040 Futurenurse


They’re not use to a person that actually wanted to get things done.

Author — FactChecker


Hey look the only politician that doesn’t make me ashamed and depressed to be an american

Author — Feels


And the Republicans responded the only way they know how: "Socialist. Fake news. It's a hoax."

Author — Ronald P


She can say all this, this passionately without using a single swear word. She never ceases to impress me.

Author — tankjr84


She makes me proud to be alive, to be human and to be able to breath the same polutated air as her.

Author — P R I V A T E


Her: “One year ago, I was waitressing in a taco shop...”

Me: oh my god, I can do anything, what am I doing with my life

Author — E’Dawns Subliminals


I love how she speaks so articulately without any background in politics and how she stands for the things she believes in and you can tell how much this means to her by the way she speaks with her hands

Author — evan bisch


Hell yeah!! She is so refreshing. This what we need. Passion, anger, being active, change, urgency. We may just be seeing our future president. Hopefully

Author — mark kevorkian


I wish we had more members of congress like this.

Author — Andy g


"I'm feeling hungry today. Let's roast a conservative."

Author — RJ Miller


Thank god she has good facts because the emotional response was good but with the facts its great

Author — Cactus Queen


Imagine having to drag the massive steel balls around everywhere.

Go girl 😍

Author — TheS3lsner


shes so badass. we need more young ppl in congress. those hags dont even remember what they are there for.



The Republican organization is the biggest threat to humanity....ever...!

Author — Robert Oreilly


*Did y’all know that with all the money that was donated to Notre-Dame (Paris) we could’ve cleaned out the whole Pacific Ocean from garbage/plastic. That makes me so pissed*

Author — X X X


When the vile, shameless conservatives/Republicans call you dumb and hate you, you for sure are doing something right.

Author — Ned T.01