Inside Italy’s Only Starbucks

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The Milan Roastery is one of only five Starbucks Reserve Roasteries in the world, and it is the only roastery in Europe. It was labelled by the company itself as "the most beautiful Starbucks in the world."

The Milan Roastery is 25,000 square feet and is located in Piazza Cordusio, just minutes away from Milan’s main attraction, the Duomo. The roastery is in the centenary building Palazzo Broggi, which has been Milan’s stock exchange and the city’s main post office in its history."

The roasteries are the top diamond of our corporate company, general manager Giampaolo Grossi told INSIDER. "

The roastery: What is different, it is different because we have a roasting plant, so we totally roast fresh coffee, and we serve fresh coffee right away to our customers. We are so proud to serve our customers with reserve coffees, so, so unique. And we have coffee from everywhere in the world, 100% Arabica coffee that are mono origin, or sometimes we serve also blends of mono origins."

The Milan Roastery also plays a strategic role for Starbucks. The reserve coffee roasted here, in fact, is distributed to all Starbucks locations across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

There is a main bar with seven different coffee extractions, a scooping bar where guests can purchase freshly roasted coffee beans, delicious treats from iconic Milanese bakery Princi, a retail area, and on the mezzanine, the Arriviamo Bar is the place for signature cocktails infused with coffee. But don't worry, you can still get a taste of traditional Italian drinks like Aperol and Campari Spritz.

The main also bar features an affogato station that is exclusive to the Milan Roastery. Here, ice cream is hand-crafted, made-to-order, finished with liquid nitrogen, and served with a shot of espresso.All over the roastery are counters carved from marble sourced from Tuscany, flooring made by local artisans in the Palladiana style, and references to the city of Milan.

The Milan Roastery is also a celebration of the brand's history. The brand itself was born after Starbucks' former CEO Howard Schultz fell in love with espresso bars during a trip to Milan in 1983.

"The opening of the Milan Roastery is the story of Starbucks coming full circle," he said at the opening.

At this location, there's not just a few baristas, there's hundreds. And no, you will not find Frappuccinos on the menu, but instead, a truly unique selection of drinks to choose from.

"We have almost 115 different kind of beverages, but what is running the sale, what represents our tradition in terms of respect, is espresso, said Grossi. "So Italian people are so curious about espresso, and they would like to know how we serve espresso in Starbucks, and I can tell you that many Italian people fell in love with our espresso."

"At the same time, our espresso is the way how we can approach the Italian customer and deliver to them a different kind of experience. I had the opportunity to interact with some customers from Milan, or really, Milanese people, that used to come here, and in a Milanese accent they said: "El caferin l'é bon" so, this means in English, "This coffee's so good." It's joyful for us, at the same time, we are so proud to get this respect."

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Inside Italy’s Only Starbucks

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**Hipsters with mac books and airpods want to know your location**

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hey lady that waved at the camera at the beginning

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It's also the only Starbucks in the world that sells real coffee
Edit:Thanks for the likes.Glad I am not the only one who thinks so.😍

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So... basically, America gets garbage sugar, over processed, over priced Starbucks like all our other chains and Italy get quality.

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Honestly this is the only Starbucks I would go to

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Why does italy only have one starbucks? Cuz the starbucks coffee that we drink in the states they call dishwater

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guys, only one thing about that glass of water... it's purpose isn't to get rid of the aftertaste of the coffee, instead in Italy it's used to "wash" the mouth before drinking the coffee, so you can enjoy the taste of the coffee with no influence of nothing because you have a clean mouth.
Sorry for the bad english

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Italy has only one Starbucks because they dont need bad coffee.

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If every starbucks was like this starbucks, the world would be a better place.

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Maybe it's also the only Starbucks in the world with decent coffee

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Hey girl, you must drink water before the Espresso, not after !

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Water is for cleansing your palate BEFORE you drink the coffee

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A coffee barista in Italy is like being a chemist.

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Still don't know any Italian who would go to that Starbucks more than one time just to visit it, I think most costumers are tourists

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I admire how much research Starbucks has done for profitable business in Italy..🙊

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"Used to be an historical building" - not anymore apparently.

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Italians do it better... what else can I say?

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who wants to go to starbucks when Italy has so many amazing coffee places to visit and enjoy.

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They really have to step up their game on Italy, because Italian has class

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Italy’s only Starbucks is the best in the world lol

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